How Low Testosterone Affects Your Life

Testosterone is a sex hormone found in males, which is vital for sexual and reproductive growth. Although women’s body also produces this hormone, it is considerably less when compared to the amount in men. Testosterone comes under the category of androgens, which are also known as anabolic steroids. When a male attains puberty, testosterone plays a vital role in his sex drive, fat distribution, manufacture of sperm and red cells, and in the preservation of muscle mass and strength.


What is low testosterone?

Usually, the levels of testosterone decrease with age. However, when a young male feels symptoms, such as impotency, abridged sex drive, or lesser sperm count, then the levels of testosterone are considered low. In women, the size of their breasts will start decreasing.

How low testosterone affects men’s lives

Low testosterone affects many functions in the life of men, including both emotional and physical changes in a considerable way. Some of the influences of the low testosterone include:

It affects the sexual function in men

One among the major effects caused in men due to low testosterone is that it decreases the sex drive in them. This means that it will reduce their interest in sex, and even if they involve, it will affect their performance. Although it is quite common in aged males, when a young adolescent experience such concerns, a hormone replacement treatment may assist significantly in increasing the production of testosterone in the younger population.

It creates many physical changes in men

Low levels of testosterone may cause considerable physical changes in males that include:


1. Their muscle mass or strength will start to deteriorate.

2.Their body fat will be increased.

3.The bones will become fragile, meaning they are prone to fracture easily.

4.They will feel soreness and swell in their breast tissue.

5.The hair in their body will start to shed.

6.They will feel tired quite often.


It creates emotional changes in men

Besides physical changes, low testosterone will also cause emotional changes in males. This means that they will experience sadness and nervousness, and in turn, it will affect their overall health. Some may even lose their self-confidence, as they experience the lack in focus and lowered enthusiasm.

Their sleep will be affected

As low testosterone causes low energy in men, most of them may suffer from sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder. This will greatly disturb their sleep.

Other influences of low testosterone in men

Besides the above-mentioned symptoms, a low level of testosterone will cause some other harmful symptoms in men, such as thyroid, testicular cancer, type 2 diabetes, alcohol use, pituitary gland troubles, etc.

How can you improve the levels of testosterone?


Here are some easy and effective ways you can follow to improve your testosterone levels.

1. If you are obese, try to lose your extra pounds, as this may assist significantly in boosting the levels of your testosterone. If you are underweight, you can include healthy foods in your daily diet.

2. Do some high-intensity workouts, such as Peak Fitness, and combine this with a sporadic fasting. This is because both short intense workout and intermittent fasting will boost your testosterone levels.

3. Add more zinc to your routine diet. This means that you can take raw milk and cheese, beans, and kefir or yogurt prepared from raw milk. When these foods are combined with those rich in protein, such as fish and meat, your testosterone level can be greatly improved.

4. Make the best of the levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a well-known steroid hormone, which is necessary for the healthy growth of the nucleus of your sperm cell, and it assists significantly in maintaining the semen quality and count. Vitamin D will boost your testosterone levels, as well, which will increase libido.

5. Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress.

Make it a lifestyle, not a duty - fitness and healthy life concept - slate blackboard sign against weathered red painted barn wood with a dumbbell, apple and tape measure

Make it a lifestyle, not a duty – fitness and healthy life

To conclude, men having low levels of testosterone can overcome the problem by taking appropriate treatment once they feel the symptoms. Furthermore, they can have an enjoyable sexual life by honestly addressing this health problem with their spouse to alleviate tensions.

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